J.Le Renard Jewelry is an ode to timeless femininity.

Julija Le Renard creates her fine and demi-fine jewelry collections to celebrate women - feminine, intelligent, audacious and strong individuals. She finds inspiration in women's singularity and the self-assurance with which they pass from one facet of their personalities to another.

 Her muse is a woman who has a gesture, singular allure and elegance. She is a passionate bohemian enjoying the pleasures of life. She chooses her jewelry as a marker of her independence, as a tool of self- expression, and, as the final touch in creating her unique and stand-out style.

 The J.Le Renard Jewelry timeless yet modern designs are meant to be worn for all life occasions from a day at office to a romantic dinner night out. These pieces will adorn any look from a grey business suit to a classic little black dress.

 The J.Le Renard Jewelry emotional designs are made to be your reliable companions of today and become the heirlooms of your future generations.