Precious Materials

 At J.Le Renard, everything starts with a choice of the best materials. For each piece, the designer handpicks ethically sourced new natural and precious materials such as highest quality 925 sterling silver, rhodium and gold. The search for perfection goes beyond what meets the eye.   

As a professional gemmologist, designer Julija Le Renard is fascinated by gemstones. Her savoir-faire also consists from the ability to seek out the most extraordinary stones that are full of emotion to create the most exquisite and memorable designs.


 All the J.Le Renard Jewelry designs are created by number of atelier’s craftsmen - a draughtsman, an Auto Cad design specialist, a model maker, jeweller, a setter and a polisher. Each piece is the fruit of a chain of these talents, working together in constant dialogue with each other ensuring the creation they produce is a beautiful and resilient work of art.

 Making a piece of jewelry is to seek a balance between a long list of constraints, managing to successfully transform a design into a work of art and ensuring the back looks as good as the front. At J.Le Renard Jewelry a special attention is paid to all the details inside out.


The brand is committed to local manufacturing- all the pieces are handcrafted in silversmith workshop in Latvia using traditional jewelry making techniques to ensure a high standard of quality and continuous tradition of excellence that bridges past, present and future.


 It is the desire to praise the elegance of women that drives Julija Le Renard to design. Her language of expression is timeless and her inspiration comes from the iconic women and the everyday of her modern muse. She creates jewelry that brings out the beauty and makes stand out its wearer.

Signature Pieces 

Distinctive for their rounded vintage button inspired shape, the “Button Collection” pieces are the signature of the J.Le Renard Jewelry.

Custom Made Jewelry

For all the special custom made-to-measure jewelry order enquiries, please contact directly designer Julija Le Renard at